Our Story


With decades of experience LordKnapp is a seasoned musical tro.

Bob Knapp and Ken Lord formed the group in 2012. Jim Carrington joined soon after. Other seasoned musicians often join them.

Bob Knapp  was born in the UK. He started out at thirteen playing in England and Europe. Mostly in pubs. In 1987 he formed  Nuff Sed with guitarist Pete Mariosa and singer Bob White. Touring with Nuff Sed was a way of life until his move to the United states in 1996.

He settled in the Pacific North-West and had many scratch bands. In 2005 he formed Sabrina Y los Reyes a Latin fusion band with dancer, singer and lyricist Sabrina Gomez. And Knapp’s song writing begins. Sabrina Y los Reyes produced two albums. They continue to perform at festivals, clubs and benefits. 

Looking to embraced his roots.  He combined his love of blues, soul, rock and reggae and began writing his new music.

He starting looking for a drummer and bass players.  Not only did they need to play well, they also needed to sing well. And guess what, it all came together when he met Ken Lord and Jim Carrington. Their first album, "In My Own Mind" was recorded 2012.

They gig frequently and are writing material for their next album.

Kenny Lord’s been drumming since he was a toddler staring with playing everything in the kitchen.  He went on to play drums and sing madrigals and acapella in school and church choirs. Like many teens of the era he moved into playing rock. 
He’s played in multiple bands.
•    Lizard Sun Band (son's of the doors)
•    System of the Down
•    Snake Oil Willy
•    Blues Train
•    Dream Seeker
•    Danger Girl and The Bad Boys
•    The Brightest Fire
•    Out of the Blue
•    Opened for Jane’s Addiction
He co-produced albums for Harry Perry and Melba Toast. 
Lords talent shines through when he steps up to play on short notice with little prep in so many different genres – rock, blues, jazz, reggae, folk. 
He’s the drummer for the Thriving Artists in San Jose, California. They’re a Singers and songwriters group developed by Richard Adaradio. They who relied on Kenny to provide beats for their compositions and recordings. Recorded with Aly Kahn. 
He doesn't just play Kit drums.  He ‘s a master on the congo, djembes, doumbek. bongos and other percussion instruments. 
He’s the founder of the Semiahmoo Drum Circle facilitating a large group of drummers for a Lions International Club in Washington and a smaller group at Semiahmoo Resort.  Currently he’s in the development stages of building a drum circle in White Rock - South Surrey.
He’s a dual citizen in Canada and the United States so you can see him playing on both sides of the border. 

Jim Carrington started his musical journey on piano at age 6.  As the Beatles swept across America he quickly picked up the guitar and was off and running.  Born in St Joseph, Mo. and schooled in Tacoma,  Wa.  Jim graduated from WWU and joined a Disco Country Funk Band – that was too weird to last! Reforming the band as a Jazz Funk Soul Band, Jim switched to bass when the lead singer/bassist  left the group.  That was the start of a lifelong love affair with the bass!  


Jim’s played in many bands over the past 39 years, with such notables as “The Rocky Vasalino Show”, and “The Heatseekers.”  He is currently having fun collaborating /singing/playing with Bob and Ken. The original music of Lord Knapp is extremely enjoyable and the simplicity of the trio gives the guys room to express themselves, and the music  room to breathe!